In 1994 Joachim Berner and Ulrich Frick founded their company Innovative Pyrotechnik in Ehningen near Stuttgart, Germany. From the beginning on the main idea was founded in using the enormous knowledge in the production of pyrotechnical effects to influence the constant increase of event business and catch the possibilities to create special and new products to serve this area. Still today the focus lies in covering all the special needs of this business. The Innovative Pyrotechnik is well-placed in this sector and the specialities are musically choreographed Indoor and Outdoor-productions. IP toured with AC/DC, The Rolling Stones and Tina Turner so they play also an important role in the pyrotechnical part of stage shows.

To work effectively on the world market IP created an extensive international network. This supports a fast and easy cooperation with all clients worldwide.

The head office of IP is situated in the south of Germany near Stuttgart. Here you can find the Europe stock, the studios and the lab of development. The key element of IP also maintains the production- and management-teams.

The team of IP is formed by highly qualified staff out of the different areas of event-business. Masterful and on highest level the pyrotechnical performance of IP will be formed perfectly into the event. The longstanding experience and the consideration of the other fundamental elements of an event like light, projection or live-performance will be all regarded. 

The benchmark of IP is simple: The best from the best!

Joachim Berner,

Since 1980 Joachim Berner is working as a pyrotechnist and creates a variety of his effects on his own. This aspect makes his productions unique and takes him all around the world. In 2007 he received the title of world champion in the Benson and Hedges International Fireworks Competition in Montreal, Canada. Always searching for new and innovative ideas his fire-show guarantees unique moments.

Ulrich Frick,

Ulrich Frick is working since 1986 in the pyrotechnical business. His Know-How longs from show-design and the organisation of big fireworks to the realisation of pyro-stage-shows of big tours. With his enormous technical knowledge Ulrich Frick is a specialist in the clarification of complicated scenes and fire-sequences. A lot of his shows have won awards for its originality and design.