Proximity Shows

The main caracteristic of a proximity show is the closeness to the audience.
The audience is absolutely in the middle of the firwork an sees an feels the effects directly, without neclecting the security of each person. 

For this shows there are produced special effects which are made to use them with a close distance. The band longs from private fireworks and pyrotechnical staged architectures to music-synchronical sequences fired from buildings. You can find this kind of shows mostly in city-centers, historical buildings or stadiums. 

The history of this shows is not that old. It started more or less like 17 years ago. In Germany it was very common to use normal fireworks which only can be used with a big distance to the audience. The great treasure trove of experience an the interest of using pyrotechnical effects with a shorter distance was a challenge for Ulrich Frick and Joachim Berner to create effects and establish this kind of shows on the market. Today this longs to everydays work.


125 Years Automobil

2011, Mercedes Benz Werk
Stuttgart, Germany

100 Years location Sindelfingen

2015, Mercedes Benz Werk
Sindelfingen, Germany


Berlin, Germany

DCL, Disney Cruise Line

Venice and shipyard Papenburg

International Film Festival

Locarno, Swiss

Worldclass Zurich

Zurich, Swiss

DTM Finals

Hockenheim, Germany

and many more...